Jiggler Keys

What is a jiggler key? A thin piece of metal cut in the general shape of a key, the jiggler slips into the keyway of many locks and most car locks. The jigglers in the set come with a variety of general cuts that vaguely resemble cuts on keys. A jiggler is slipped into the lock and moved around, much as using a rake type pick, until the lock opens. If one jiggler does not work then the next one in the set is tried. Probability of success depends on the skill of the user and on luck.

Where to Buy Jiggler Keys

Website: Jiggler Keys at KeepShooting.com Price: $19.99
Website: Jiggler Keys at Spymall.com Price: $24.95
Website: Jiggler Keys at MagicWorld Price: $45.00 Euro's
Website: Jiggler Keys at LockpickShop.com Price: $24.95

Our recommendation is to purchase the set from KeepShooting.com based on price alone.

Jiggler Key Videos

Unlock Filing Cabinet With Jiggler Keys
Unlock Auto Ignition With Jiggler Keys
Unlock Cabinet With Jiggler Keys
Unlock Strong Long With Jiggler Keys
Nissan Truck Started With Jiggler Keys
Ford Explorer Opened With Jiggler Keys